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PMI Synergy 2015 – The PM Channel videos now available


Celebrating its fifth year, the PMI Synergy conference took place on 12th November 2015 at Westminster’s picturesque Central Hall. Bringing together a large mix of professionals from across business sectors, from employers, professional bodies, academic institutions and project managers from all industries to celebrate the immense contribution project management makes, and its importance as an industry to society.

“Right in the heart of all this economic, social and cultural endeavour stands the project manager, providing the vital link between aspiration and reality” – Yohan Abrahams, PMI UK Chapter President

With the PMI Synergy conference being solely about celebrating and enabling the project management profession, it not only featured a number of distinguished speakers from around the globe, but invited educators, smaller businesses that enable and contribute to the project management profession, and retailers to join the celebration and contribute to the event. Having such an inclusive body of professionals truly enabled delegates to network, share stories, ideas and questions that will lead to a stronger more responsive project management profession.

The PM Channel were present at PMI Synergy 2015, and are hosting the talks from the conference at where you can enjoy the talk whenever you want, wherever you want.

We have the below talk by speaker Linda Lloyd available for FREE!

Linda Lloyd video

Linda Lloyd speaking at PMI Synergy

Linda Lloyd: Linda’s talk is called “Getting Agile to work in large organisations”, which starts with a brief introduction to her company Thales, and specifically her role in e-security. She then goes on to talk about how a company so large was able to adapt themselves to the Agile business philosophy so successfully, what that means for Thales going forward, and why Agile is a business practice that can work intertwined with traditional project management practices.

Linda is Thales Project Manager of the year for her application of project management in an Agile environment. Linda has worked in the civil and defense industry for 25 years. She has also led International Trade Missions to Europe, the Americas and The Far East.

The other talks featured on The PM Channel include:

Stewart Desson: Stewart’s talk entitled “Project Leadership through a Relationship Lens” gives an insight into his personal experience working at British Airways and the styles of management that were seen over the time he was there. Stewart goes on to try to assess the definition of great project management, and how using data can help facilitate a change in leadership styles.

Stewart is a highly experienced trainer and consultant and a leading expert in psychometrics. His specialities include organisational development, team effectiveness, communication, personal awareness and development, influencing skills, executive coaching and leadership skill development.

Harvey Maylor: Harvey’s talk which is titled “Synergy? Matching Leaders with Complexities” has him attempting to answer some extremely complicated questions about project management such as, what factors make a project complex to manage? How can we actively manage complexities? And, can we match leaders to complexities?

Harvey has been an academic and consultant for the past 25 years, is an Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and a visiting fellow at Cranfield University. He was previously Director of the International Centre for Programme Management at Cranfield, successfully delivering a $US4M programme of research with HP Enterprise Services, and before that, founding and running Cranfield’s MSC in Programme and Project Management.

 Didi Hopkins: Didi’s talk entitled “Volcanic Eruptions & ways to avoid them perhaps” covers communication problems, specifically highlighting the ways in which we choose to communicate, and the effects of those choices. Her talk offers alternative ways of communicating, focusing on empathy, listening and understanding, which in turn leads to better communication throughout and fewer internal conflicts. The end result for this is a better, more productive working environment.

As a theatre director and actor, Didi mixes theatre and the arts into business. She has been part of a team at the National Theatre devising, developing and delivering action based work using theatre techniques to unlock potential around leadership development, executive presence, communication and change.

Stephen Armstrong: Stephen’s talk which is titled “Leading Innovation: Building a new kind of Engineer for the 21st Century” gives an insight into the need for innovation within engineering roles, using his own experiences in the industry as a platform. Steven describes the challenges he faced on projects that lead him to innovative thinking about engineers as agents for enabling change in processes and implementation.

Stephen Armstrong has over 25 years of success, leading C-level strategic change and business transformation initiatives, with an initial pedigree in the Aerospace and Defense industry before then spreading to other sectors. Included are 23 large-scale enterprise-wide turnaround assignments, in technologically complex environments. In 2014, Armstrong was appointed Professor of Innovation, in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, at the University of Toronto.

Sylvana Storey: Sylvana’s talk entitled “The interplay between diversity and leadership” attempts to understand the capabilities of diversity in the 21st century, to present the overview of a model that encourages diversity, and to look at diversity as a change management process. To do this, she highlights the challenges she has personally faced within the industry, and uses data to highlight just how far the business world has to go in terms of diversifying.

Sylvana Storey is an organisational change management consultant, and a business psychologist. The Managing Director of Global Organizational Integrators, Sylvana advises organisations and is a guest lecturer for several business schools.

Phil Driver: Phil’s talk is entitled “Validating Strategies” in which he talks in depth about differing business strategies, how they work in a practical environment and what can be expected from them in terms of benefits. He also talks about how they came up with the idea for ‘open strategies’ and how that differs as a process to conventional business strategies.

Phil Driver is founder and CEO of OpenStrategies Ltd. His background in science and engineering management led to his involvement in large-scale industry-sector strategies. That in turn led to his developing an in-depth understanding of the challenges of even larger scale, public sector strategies.

Jim Snyder: Jim’s talk is a personal account of how PMI was founded, the vision that lead to its inception and the struggles of building it up to the global organisation it is today and the people who were key to its success.

Jim is a founder of the Project Management Institute, fellow of the Institute, volunteer executive director for 13 years, first president, and past chair of the Board. He continues to be an active participant in the activities of the Institute. He was been awarded the PMI Person of the Year Award and is an Honorary Life Member of the Institute.

All these talks and many more from other conference around the world are available on The PM Channel.

More great content from APM, PMI and EVA 19

More great content from APM, PMI and EVA 19

Leading internationally renowned speakers have been filmed at recent events including the APM conference, PMI UK Chapter evening meetings and EVA 19 Project Control conference.  Now with over 650 videos and 150 different contributors from around the world, The PM Channel provides an unparalleled source of on demand learning for project managers.

Watch three top speakers from recent events for free now:

Andy Griffee, W1 Programme Director, BBC speaking on the at the APM Conference 2014

Dr. Harvey Maylor, former director of ICPM at Cranfield University, speaking on complexity at EVA 19 Project Control conference

Bart Bernink, ESI International, speaking on projects in an agile environment at PMI UK Chapter evening meeting

Lord Digby Jones – Projects, a changing world and leadership.

Projects, a changing world and leadership.


The world is changing. The western nations are giving way in growth terms to new emerging economies such as China and India. The wealth line that once moved west now is shifting eastwards and the expectations of millions of people is rising. At the recent PMI UK Chapter Synergy 2012 conference Lord Digby Jones, an active crossbencher in the House of Lords and a powerhouse leader for British Industry described growing up in a family of humble origins whose aspirations stretched beyond the norms of the time. He described how this is now being repeated in developing nations and their hunger for growth and what the wealthy nations have is unprecedented.


How that growth will be managed, the demand for greater democracy and the pollution that our Lord Digby Jones asked where the emerging markets will turn to buy their goods. He answered by saying that while he hoped they would buy Mini’s from Oxford, Phones from Vodafone in Newbury and fly in an Airbus made in the UK and Europe they will only buy from the west if we invest in projects, large and small, that will equip us for the next 100 years.industrial revolution produced are the challenges that lay ahead. These challenges will need to be met with strong leadership and project led change.

To do that, he said, would require 3 things:
One: Leadership to invest in projects in the public and private sector. He suggested that lack of money is not the problem. He gave examples of how other European nations have invested in large infrastructure projects and have done so efficiently and effectively. What we need is not more consultations and inquiries but action. This needs political will and vision led leadership.

Two: Better training for middle management. This will lead to greater efficiency and higher production. He traced the failure in this area right back to a failure in our education system where after 11 years of compulsory, free, full–time education 20% of the adult population in the UK functionally illiterate. The UK needs to lead the world not trail behind. He cited examples of France and Germany in how to train middle management to get maximum productivity. Leadership in education and training is a key priority.


Three: Leadership at project management levels. This is an area where we can all play our part. Each one of us can inspire or discourage. In our projects and in our daily lives we have the capacity to lead others and influence the way they think and behave. He gave some moving examples of leadership drawing on his experience in the Royal Navy.

Lord Digby Jones’s talk at the PMI UK Chapter Synergy 2012 conference is available on the development package for £149/year on The PM Channel.

Watch Lord Digby Jone’s talk on The PM Channel!


PMI Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The PM Channel is pleased to be partnering with PMI UK Chapter to record selected events such PMI Synergy.

Watch the speakers’ presentations from PMI Synergy 2012 and claim your PDUs. Accelerate your professional development by watching these experts:

• Lord Digby Jones, Chairman Triumph and Grove Industries,

• Dame Tessa Jowell, member of Shadow Cabinet,

• Thomas Juli, Managing Director Thomas Juli Empowerment Partners,

• Joe Onstott, Project Controls ITER Fusion

 PMI Synergy 2012


Courses – Presentations – Interviews

Register now for the Development Package on The PM Channel and get 12 month access to PMI Synergy 2012 presentations as well 8 other leading project management conferences .

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First PMI Branch meeting in Oxford

On the 22nd November PMI UK Chapter organized their first PMI branch meeting in Oxford with three speakers, Dr David Hillson, Dr Penny Pullen and Martin Buckland.

David Hillson - The Risk Doctor PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel

The first talk was presented by Dr David Hillson, Director, Risk Doctor & Partners. Everyone knows projects are risky, and project risk management is our attempt to address this. There is wide consensus on project risk management basics, but the continued failure of projects to deliver consistent benefits suggests that the problem of risk in projects has not been completely solved. In this keynote presentation, David Hillson offers three suggestions for how we might do things differently and better, by extending our concept of risk, addressing weak spots in the risk process, and dealing with risk attitudes of both individuals and groups.
Known globally as The Risk Doctor, Dr David Hillson is an international risk consultant offering expert risk support across the globe, at both strategic and tactical levels. He has worked in over 40 countries and his consultancy clients include major organisations in construction, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transport, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, IT, defence and government. David also leads the team at Risk Doctor & Partners, based on his worldwide network with like-minded professional risk experts.

After that, Dr Penny Pullan talked about Facilitation skills underpin most project work. These Penny Pullan - PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel become even more important at senior levels, as the pressure rises and expectations are higher. This presentation explored the issues of working with high pressure groups. It goes on to explore a few techniques and behaviours that project managers can use to equip themselves for such groups. This session drew both from facilitation theory and the personal experience of the presenter, who has worked across the globe, with, among others, directors of major multinational companies, United Nations organisations and government ministers. Dr Penny Pullan works with people in organisations who are grappling with tricky projects: uncertain, with ambiguous requirements, disinterested stakeholders and often teams dispersed around the country or the world. She is a Director of Making Projects Work Ltd. whose clients range from Rolls-Royce to Save the Children, the UK Government to Price Waterhouse Coopers. Penny’s book, ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’, was published by Gower in 2011 and co-authored with Ruth Murray-Webster.

Martin Buckland -PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel To finish Martin Buckland who is not a professional project manager, but has some good tips to share with us from his interesting experience supervising a project for the Wilts & Berks (W&B) Canal Trust in Abingdon.
Previously, Martin’s career has been in agriculture, as a school and adult careers advisor, as a bookkeeper and, lastly, a fundraiser. He also has a lifelong interest in Industrial Archaeology. Through his fundraising work, Martin became involved with the W&B Canal Trust, as a member of their finance committee. He initially wrote a bid to fund a brand new junction with the Thames at Abingdon to replace the original. After subsequently dealing with the fundraising, and obtaining the numerous permissions and permits, he was nominated as project manager for a construction project. He then spent seven weeks on site working with professional groundwork contractors and supervising the efforts of three, week-long camps of Waterway Recovery Group volunteers. (And driving a 12 tonne dumper truck!)

Watch all this presentation of the branch meeting on The PM Channel.


PMI Synergy 2012 highlights

PMI UK Chapter Synergy was held on International Project Management Day in London on 1 November 2012. The speakers included a great line up and The PM Channel was there to capture it all. The Princess Royal was guest of honour and the speakers included Mark Langley, Lord Digby Jones, Dame Tessa Jowell, Simon Robertson, Gier O.Klover, Dr Thomas Juli, Joe Onstott. Watch a short show reel here.

Mark A. Langley Synergy 2012
A welcome address was given by the president and CEO of PMI, Mark A. Langley. He became PMI’s President and CEO in December 2010 after serving over eight years as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In the chief executive role, Mr. Langley is responsible for overseeing and serving as the lead advocate for PMI’s complex global organization, consisting of more than half a million members, certification holders and other stakeholders in more than 185 countries.

Lord Digby Jones on The PM Channel After introductions by Roy Sheppard, Lord Digby Jones gave the first talk. Lord Digby Jones is a powerhouse leader for British Industry. In addition to this role as an active cross bencher in the House of Lords, he serves as Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles Limited, Chairman of Groves Industries, a non-executive director of Flybe, Senior Advisor to HSBC and is Corporate Ambassador for Jaguar Cars and JCB. He advises in a number of other paid and unpaid roles, fulfilling his vision of promoting socially inclusive wealth creation. He is a supporter of better education, “After 11 years of compulsory, free, full–time education why are 20% of the adult population in the UK functionally illiterate?” and we hope he will support our campaign for Project Management Education in Schools.

Dame Tessa Jowell Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The second talk of the day was Dame Tessa Jowell who
is a prominent member of the Shadow Cabinet and has sat on the Front Beach on both sides of the House. She has been a strong leader and influencer for the 2012 Olympics and is currently Shadow Minister for London. Tessa touched on bringing people with you, uniting different factions toward one goal, the challenges of bringing together a large event, the regeneration of east London, the importance of legacy, and social enterprise.

After that Simon Roberston spoke about his Initiative of Project Management in Schools will The Mill Chase Schools Project. And we finish the morning session with Geir O.Klover who is the Managing Director of the Norwegian Polar Museum, where his knowledge and expertise on the expedition is second to none. He took us through the planning, risks, leadership and team dynamic that is took for Amundsen and his team to make history on their South Pole Expedition.

Thomas Juli Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The afternoon started with Dr Thomas Juli who is an experienced, enthusiastic and results-driven manager. His life’s passion is to empower people and organizations. This is reflected in his professional
career in management, consulting and training. He has more than 15 years of progressive leadership and management experience in various functions including project and programm management, strategy consulting, business analysis, professional training, and academic teaching. He took us through how achieving a work life balance.
Joe Onstott ITER Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel
After that Joe Onstott talked to us about ITER which is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion. The Q in the formula on the right symbolizes the ration of fusion power to input power. Q ≥ 10 represents the scientific goal of the ITER project: to deliver ten times the power it consumes. From 50MW of input power, the ITER machine is designed to produce 500 MW of fusion power – the first of all fusion experiments to produce net energy. During its operational lifetime, ITER will test technologies necessary for the next step: the demonstration fusion power plant that will prove that it is possible to capture fusion energy for commercial use.

The Comedy School Synergy 2012

We finished the day with Brain Weiss, Vice President Practitioner Markets PMI. And the day finished with the improvisation team from the Comedy School.