Project management exam readiness

Are you ready for your project management exam?

The PM Channel, in partnership with Provek’s proven online assessment tools, offers you the possibility to test your readiness for taking your project management exam.

Whatever exam you are preparing for we have the readiness test for you!

For each qualification course on The PM Channel, you can find a specific test aligned with the qualification syllabus to see if you are ready to pass the exam.  On completion of the test you will receive a short report which will advise you as to whether you are likely to pass the exam or not, and your current level of knowledge.


APM Introductory certificate exam readiness:  This assessment comprises  40 questions and takes approximately 30 minutes.

APM Risk Management assessment:  This will help you measure your knowledge of risk management.  The assessment will take around 20 minutes to complete.


PRINCE2 Foundation exam readiness:  The assessment comprises 10 PRINCE2 style questions and will take approximately 10 minutes.

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam readiness: This assessment takes approximately 15 minutes and comprises objective test questions similar to those used in the exam..


PMI PMP exam readiness: This assessment takes approximately 40 minutes. This PMP exam readiness assessment will present you with a set of 35 questions. Following completion you will receive a report that gives your overall score and a breakdown into the PM BoK process areas.


APMP course: test your readiness with the PMA5 Lite: This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. This online assessment tool has been undertaken by over 8,000 programme and project management.  It also helps you to decide which APM qualification is the most suitable for you.

For more information about all our qualifications, please go to The PM Channel or contact us by email or by telephone +44 1635 524610.

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19 Responses to Project management exam readiness

  1. Peter Ramos says:

    Hi Everyone,

    A very pertinent question whether a PMP aspirant is indeed ready to take the PMP exam or not. There should a certain level of preparedness in order to take the PMP exam which is definitely not child’s play.

    There are numerous providers around which assist to clear the PMP exam. I would definitely recommend anyone to check out PMstudy for this purpose. They have the most lenient moneyback policies (not that most of us need it) and are really good.

    Even trying our the free resources of PMstudy would provide you with ample reasons.

    Do check them out.


  2. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Hi..I would like to know on some of the good materials to prepare for the PMP. Have heard a lot about the Rita’s guide..How good is it?

  3. Karlene says:

    Hi Fernandez,

    Are you looking to do “online” or “classroom” PMP training? There are few great players like Cheetah, PMstudy, PMTi. Rita’s book may be difficult for the initial prep, but a great book.

  4. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Hi Karlene! I have already enrolled for PMstudy classroom training program and I have access to their prep materials. But I have enough time before I attend the class and I want to ensure that I am all set to comprehend the concepts in the class very easily. Just that I dont want to take any risk:)..

  5. Karlene says:

    Hi, Great!! Which PMstudy PMP exam prep class you have joined?

    • Ileana Fernandez says:

      Hi Karlene.. Sorry for the late response.. BTW I’ve joined in the San Jose Feb 11 class..Have you also enrolled for any of the PMstudy classes??

  6. Karlene says:

    Hi Ileana,

    Do you know PMBOK is changing? What I will suggest take the exam before the new version hits.

    You can find some details through this video:

    • Ileana Fernandez says:

      Thanks Karlene! I had watched this few days ago..Its very informative. In fact I had posted this link in few other blogs as well.

  7. Clayton Rice says:

    Hi Karlene & Nadege,

    Thank you for sharing the video links.

    Really informative!!!

    I was also looking at being PMP certified and have zeroed in on PMstudy and some other providers.

    Any help assisting in selecting these providers would be of great help.


  8. Karlene says:

    Hi Clayton,

    It will be better if you judge by your self and join. you can check this out PMstudy PM Ti all are good.

  9. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Hi Folks,

    Yesterday was my first day of the PMstudy bootcamp.

    Day 1: I found the class very focused, the materials and facilities are reAlly good. I must say I am very impressed with the instructor. Very knowledgeable, takes time to go over things that are difficult to grasp.We are given a clear plan on what topics would be covered in the next few days and the methodology is really very helpful to cope up with the material.

    So far it has been good. Hope the next 3 days are equally good or may be even better. Would update you tomorrow.


  10. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Day 2: Worked out problems on the PMstudy workbook. The critical path questions were pretty much interesting.The questions were really really tough. Although now I feel confident about it but I realized that PMP has to be taken seriously. The instructor took a session through the process chart as well. And yeah..The class remained very focused till the end. Very good PMP training session indeed.

  11. Karlene says:


    Great you joined PMstudy for PMP training . I believe you have made the right choice. All the best!!!

  12. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Yeah Karlene..I don regret joining PMStudy..Well BTW here is the 3rd day review:

    Day 3: Almost thorough with the process chart (Although it was not that easy). We had a good interaction in the class and the best part was other mates sharing their real life project management experience. We did have an elaborated Q & A session. It was a tiresome day but nevertheless awesome!:)

  13. Patel says:

    Nice blog really informative.

  14. Ileana Fernandez says:

    Thanks Patel:)

    Day 4: Finally its the day 4 and in a way very eventful day. So there was a quick revision and a test to see where we all stand. All was based on the PMstudy workbook.And by fag end of the day although we all were exhausted by the braindumps and Process charts I must say the instructor was just awesome. He made the class very lively and brought meaning to the materials. I feel lot more confident now to sit for the exam 🙂 Thanks PMstudy for some quality training.

  15. Ileana Fernandez says:

    i would really appreciate if any one of you who had taken class from Pmstudy or any other providers could help me out with the study plan post the bootcamp. I have scheduled my exam for march 1st week.


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