PRINCE2 Professional Qualification

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is the next step for current PRINCE2 practitioners looking to further demonstrate their expertise in this globally recognized project management methodology.

Following the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner examinations, which assess a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the methods, many candidates ask the question: “What’s next?”

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification tests,  a candidate’s ability to manage a non-complex PRINCE2 project across all aspects of the project lifecycle, through a 2.5 day residential Assessment Centre.

In order to test this, the PRINCE2 Professional qualification moves outside the boundaries of the PRINCE2 method and syllabus, and includes globally recognized project management competencies.

Through observation of group activities and exercises, evaluators assess a candidate against pre-defined performance criteria to determine competence in managing a PRINCE2 project, as well as broader competencies of a project manager. It must be stressed that this event is NOT a training course and no training will be given at the event itself.

Who should attend?

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is for individuals who want to show that they have more than just knowledge about PRINCE2 and can effectively manage a non complex PRINCE2 project across its whole lifecycle. The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is therefore appropriate for individuals who are currently acting as Project Managers, Project Co-ordinators or as a Project Team Leader (in larger projects).

Suitable candidates will have several years experience of managing non-complex . Candidates wishing to take the PRINCE2 Professional assessment must also have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.


  • Independent Recognition – by APMG, an internationally accredited professional body, of an individual’s ability to manage a non-complex project.
  • Development – feedback of personal capability as evidenced across 19 assessment criteria.
  • Professional – the PRINCE2 Professional Qualification provides employers with tangible career development evidence.

Assessment Criteria:

All candidates will be assessed by experienced evaluators and an independent moderator from the APMG against the following 19 criteria:
• Prepare the Project Product Description
• Prepare the outline Business Case
• Design the project management team structure
• Tailor corporate strategies
• Perform product-based planning
• Apply the risk management procedure
• Apply the communication management procedure
• Plan the project
• Refine the Business Case
• Prepare the Benefits Review Plan
• Prepare an End Stage Report
• Capture lessons learned
• Prepare a Work Package
• Apply the issue and change control procedure
• Plan and conduct the Closing a Project process
• Prepare End Project Report (Incl Lessons Report)
• Interpersonal Skills
• Manage team performance
• Manage own performance

Event content:

Candidates will be assessed against 19 pre-declared assessment criteria through a combination of:
• Individual work – candidates will provide a written answer in examination conditions to questions based upon the given case study
• Group work (observed) – candidates will carry out group exercises in order to discuss and solve problems relating to the case study
• Interviews – all candidates will be interviewed on an individual basis
Candidates must have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, have a solid PRINCE2 knowledge and several years of PRINCE2 practice. A self assessment form and a CV must be submitted as part of the application process.

Watch the video of the first PRINCE2 Professional Assessment,organized by CUPE in partnership with Provek, where assessors and candidates talk about what the assessment entails on The PM Channel.

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