Paul Hesselman – Be Aware of Cultural Differences

Paul-HesselmanCultural differences are very important in Project Management. It is very important to take this aspect in consideration if you are going to work aboard. You have to make sure you are prepare and you know a lot about the other culture.

Paul Hesselman describes the importance of being aware of the cultural differences that may exist in different parts of the world.  He gives a couple of his own personal examples of how these differences presented themselves to him.

Paul is a highly experienced project and program manager who is able to reflect practical experience with theory. In addition to his extensive experience in all project disciplines, Paul is also a manager and a trainer / coach of professionals. He is a board member of IPMA years in the Netherlands and has been active in IPMA internationally as a team lead for the renewal of the regulation of the IPMA certification.  As one of the first IPMA certified project managers in the Netherlands since 1995 Paul assessor for this individual certifications. Paul is co-author of several books and articles on project management and is rated speaker at national and international conferences and seminars.

Watch the interview of Paul Hesselman on The PM Channel.

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