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Leaders, when are you gonna make your revolution?

Recently interviewed by The PM Channel Patrick Beauvillard is talking about the leadership revolution.

Today’s decision makers are facing two growing aspirations in their teams: teammates all want to be part of the decision-making process and they commit to the project if it offers significant value for them. Whether you are the executive of a company, a senior project manager, or the elected representative of a community, you will have to operate a “leadership turnaround” in order to meet these expectations. New management tools are required, but more important, new leadership behaviors and approaches.  Patrick Beauvillard first explains what is causing this need for change. It then describe three case studies showing how this “leadership turnaround” was applied to making decisions otherwise, involving people otherwise and creating meaning otherwise, using multiple approaches such as sociocracy and appreciative inquiry. The primary mission of tomorrow’s leaders is changing. The name of the game is now to help people grow and give the best of themselves.

Patrick Beauvillard is co-founder of Inovane, a company that assists people and organizations to imagine, design and implement their plans for a brighter future.  He also teaches project management in business schools. Patrick is involved in his community and is an elected member of the Aquitaine Regional Parliament, dealing with innovation, industry and agriculture. Prior to founding Inovane, he spent 15 years in project management in the semiconductor industry, in Europe, Asia and the United Sates. His background led him to a strong belief: beyond tools and technologies, methods and processes, managing a project requires first to care about people.

Watch Patrick Beauvilard’s interview by The PM Channel at the recent IPMA World Congress:

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