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The ITER: Fusing the project world project management conference took place on Friday 4th September near Marseille, France. This conference was run by project management practitioner Steve Wake for project management practitioners and stakeholders.

The ITER: Fusing the project world conference promised to provide a truly global perspective of what can be achieved when the world’s greatest minds work together to achieve a razor-sharp shared goal.

Steve Wake says “The lessons learned at ITER will change the way that delegates look at projects, period.”

The PM Channel were present at the ITER: Fusing the project world conference, are hosting the talks from the conference at where you can enjoy the talks whenever you want wherever you want.

We have the below talk by speaker Simon Addyman available for FREE!

Simon Addyman video

Simon Addyman speaking at ITER: Fusing the project world

Simon Addyman: Simon’s talk is called “Routines for success: organising for innovation and collaboration”.

Simon Addyman started his career in property refurbishment before moving overseas to work on a major school building programme for the World Bank in The Gambia, West Africa.

Before returning full time to the UK, Simon gained a distinction in his MSc in Construction Project Management from Heriot-Watt University. He joined London Underground in late 2000 and continues his professional development, becoming an APM Certificated Project Manager in 2008 and is currently undertaking a part-time PhD at University College London.

Simon has spent his career in London underground (LU), from assistant project manager to programme manager, working on station infrastructure projects. He is currently the project manager for the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project. The project has successfully implemented LU’s novel Innovative Contractor Engagement procurement route for which Simon was awarded Project Professional of the Year at the APM Awards 2013.

 Bernard Bigot: Bernard welcomes the audience to the conference and discusses ITER. Bernard has been closely associated with ITER since France’s bid to host the project in 2003. Following the ITER site decision in 2005, the signature of the ITER Agreement in 2006 and its ratification by all Members in 2007, Mr Bigot was delegated by the French government to act as High Representative for the implementation of ITER in France, a position that he has occupied since 2008.

Bernard is a Commandeur in the French Order of the Legion of Honour, a Commandeur in the Royal Swedish Order of the Polar Star, and an Officer the French Order of the National Merit. In October 2014 he received the Gold and Silver Star in the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun.

Steven Cowley: Steven’s talk is entitled “The wonder of fusion”. Professor Steven Cowley became Director of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority’s Culham Laboratory in September 2008 and Chief Executive of the UK Atomic Energy Authority in November 2009. He received his BA from Oxford University and his PhD. from Princeton University.

His main research interest is in realising fusion power. He has also published over 150 papers on: the origin of magnetic fields in the universe, the theory of plasma turbulence and explosive behaviour in both laboratory and astrophysical plasmas.  Professor Cowley co-chaired the US National Academy’s decadal assessment of, and outlook for plasma science.

 Peter Morris: Peter’s talk is titled, “Addressing the challenge of climate change: The power of portfolio, program and project management”. Peter was Head of The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, at the University College London until August 2012 and is widely respected as one of the leading thinkers in project management. During this period the School tripled in size and was rated top in its Unit of Assessment for its research. From 1996 to 2009 Peter was also Executive Director of INDECO, a consultancy specializing in the management of projects.

Peter was Chairman of the Association for Project Management (APM) from 1993 to 1996 and Deputy Chairman of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) from 1995 to 1997. He received the Project Management Institute’s 2005 Research Achievement Award, IPMA’s 2009 Research Award and APM’s 2008 Sir Monty Finniston Lifetime Achievement Award.

Harley Lovegrove: Harleys talk is titled “Managing change”. Harley is the Chairman and one of the founding Partners of The Bayard Partnership.

Harley set up his first business when he was 21 and has over the years built a proven track record working for a wide variety of companies in all kinds of sectors from apparel to petrochemical and from telecommunications to transport. His biggest claim to fame in the scientific arena was in his role as COO of Eonic Systems, the innovative software company that designed and built the ‘Virtuoso’ real-time operating system for the Rosetta space probe and Philae lander; its minute but scalable microkernel architecture enabled it to run on radiation tolerant processors with the absolute minimum amount of resources.

Harley is also the author of four books; Making a Difference, Inspirational Leadership, Transition (and most recently) The Change Manager’s Handbook which was launched in the Science Museum in London earlier this year.

 Benita Cegarra: Benita’s talk is called “Dealing with difficult stakeholders”. Benita’s presentation will cover the thorny topic of managing difficult stakeholders with the sub-title “Pride, Prejudice and People”, as it is the recognition that people are the key factor in determining whether a project or programme will succeed. Benita will share her thoughts on getting people to commit to change, overcoming resistance and actually finding that you have a lot of support from areas where you don’t expect it.

Benita is a practical and pragmatic business trouble shooter with 20 years of experience working from board level to front-line operations in the areas of sales, customer services, supply chain and operational management. A superb communicator, Benita has successfully facilitated and implemented major change across the globe.

Transformation Directors hire Benita because she enables them to deliver their objectives quickly and team members enjoy working with her because she makes the complex appear simple, thus enabling on-time delivery of great bottom-line results.

Stephen Carver: Stephen’s talk is titled “Creating vision with stories”. Steven is a lecturer of Project & Programme Management and Crisis Communications on the Full-Time and Executive MBA at Cranfield University.

Prior to Cranfield University, Stephen worked on projects for the oil business before moving on to work at Virgin. From there he went on to work directly for a global CEO as Head of Project & Programme Management Strategy. Steven is an Honorary Fellow of The Institute of Risk Management and an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Project Management.

 Roberto Saban: Roberto’s talk is called “Project Management at the LHC:  a 20 year journey”. Roberto is the Head of Engineering at CERN. He graduated with a degree in informatics from Pisa University and went on to earn a Master’s degree at Edinburgh University.

All these talks and many more from other conferences around the world are available on The PM Channel.

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