IPMA World Congress agrees partnership


The PM Channel is delighted to announce that the organisers of the 26 IPMA World Congress in Crete on 29-31 October 2012.

Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis, president of PM-Greece and president of the 26 IPMA World Congress, and Dr. Andrew Delo, founder of The PM Channel and managing director of Provek Limited, signed the agreement on behalf of their organisations on 20 September 2012. This was the result of many discussions over the preceding weeks between the organisations.

Andrew Delo commenting on the agreement said “It was another important step in the development of The PM Channel that the IPMA World Congress organiser has the confidence to enter into such an agreement. We only launched the site in February 2012 and now have another international agreement with a major association. We will be recording more than 50 international presentations and making them freely available to the congress delegates.”

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2 Responses to IPMA World Congress agrees partnership

  1. Mona says:

    I would like to become a stedunt member of the Association of Project Managers.Do you have an introductory package detailing case studies of what former stedunts have achieved since receiving their APM IC qualification. My concern is that within industry and particularly local government I would not find employment unless I had attained the PRINCE 2 qualification; or is this something I can sit for, only after first successfully completing the APM IC ?I am just completing the dissertation for my MA in Design Management. Having passed all of the modules, one of which was Project Management.

  2. Nadege Pouch says:

    Dear Mona,

    We don’t have case studies of what former students have achieved since receiving their APM IC qualification. But if you are looking to get a professional qualification you can find on our blog helpful information with the following articles: Which qualification is the best for you? (http://www.thepmchannelnews.com/which-project-management-qualification/) or PRINCE2 and APM qualifications How do I choose?( http://www.thepmchannelnews.com/prince2-or-apm/). If you decide to do the PRINCE2 qualification you can after your PRINCE2 Practitioner go for the “APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioner” which is a shorter exam than the traditional APMP

    If you are not sure please give us a call on 01635524610 or email me. The PM Channel is created by Provek which is an accredited training provider for PRINCE2 and APM.

    Kind Regards,

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