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Agile Business Conference 2015

Driving Business Agility

Manav Mehan & Stephen Grafton from TCS are joined by Janet Randell from Aviva to discuss Aviva’s Agile transformation journey and how it drives Business Agility.


Behaviour Driven Change

Ahmad Fahmy talks about how teams that are working well together can be transformed into an Agile organisation with a common problem. He will draw on his experiences in India working with 11 separate teams.


The Inexorable Rise of Agile

Steve Denning discusses the dynamics of the ongoing transformation from the Traditional Economy of hierarchical bureaucracy to the radically different Agile management practices of the Creative Economy.  Steve Denning is the author of eight books, a contributor of more than 600 articles to since 2011.

EVA21 Conference videos now available

We were pleased to be invited to film the EVA21 Conference held over two days in London in June 2016.  There was a strong line-up of speakers and the event was well attended.

Watch Murray Easton for free, former top BAe Systems manager, talk about his leadership experiences.

Murray Easton

Murray Easton speaking at EVA21

Other talks by top speakers who were filmed included:

  • Delivering Major Projects in Government, Geraldine Barker, Director Project Delivery, National Audit Office
  • Agile: Transforming organisations by delivering business value early and often, Hugh Ivory DSDM Consortium
  • Benefits Management in an Agile World, Matt Williams, Connexion Systems
  • 2016 – Is this the end of the 100 year plus battle against Alzheimers Disease?, Dr. Lynne Hughes, Quintiles
  • Effective leaders create value-driven teams, Karolina Jackson-Ward, Projectplace
  • Pride, Prejudice and People. Dealing with difficult stakeholders, Benita Cegarra
  • Tim Banfield, Director of Strategy. Infrastructure & Projects Authority
  • The rise of the Enterprise PMO, Reinhard Wagner, President of IPMA & Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, PMO SIG
  • EVM. A fresh look, Jurgen De Jonghe, CERN
  • Research Evidence, Dr. Paul Chapman, Saïd Business School
  • The Impact of law on an under-rated art, Sarah Schutte, solicitor-advocate
  • BIM as part of our project lives. The implications and opportunities, Silvia Sartorato, CH2M
  • Transforming Defence Equipment & Support – Spiralling into Control, Laura Smith, Managing Consultant, BMT Hi-Q Sigma
  • Can you see the real me?, Jack Pinter, Michael Mears & Emma Cater
  • Crossrail’s Journey with Earned Value, Richard Palczynski, Head of Project Controls, Crossrail
  • Embrace the space – making the most of the virtual meetings in your life, Eddie Obeng

APM Programme Management SIG Conference videos available

The PM Channel was invited to record presentations from the excellent APM Programme Management SIG (ProgM) annual conference held at CH2M on 10 March 2016.

Watch Reinhard Wagner for free on The PM Channel.

Reinhard Wagner

Reinhard Wagner, President of Executive Board of IPMA

The APM Programme Management SIG (ProgM) annual conference 2016 has a theme of Equipping Programme Managers for Global Success. It is now widely accepted that the only constant is change, and as the programme management environment becomes increasingly more mainstream and widely adopted, there is a need to ensure current and future programme managers have the skills and experience necessary to succeed.

Videos of all speakers were obtained and include:


Sir John Armitt, politics and major infrastructure
Reinhard Wagner, The evolution of programme management – insights from an international perspective
Eddie Obeng, Project champions – rising to the challenge


Chris Fairhead, From primary school to PhD: gaining generation’s interest in science and technology
Bruno Kahne, What programme managers can learn from the deaf world to improve their communication
Jonnie Jensen, Why is social media important to my programme?
Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, The PMO: Organisational glue to make change stick
Amanda Clack and Alan Muse, International Construction Measurement Standards: What are they and why have them?
Les Squires, 10 social marketing concepts that change everything

APM Conference 2016 videos available

The PM Channel were delighted to be invited to film simultaneous streams at the APM Project Management Conference 2016 held in London on 21 April at Kings Place.

The theme for the APM Project Management Conference 2016 explored how the project profession can transform into one recognised as being world class. It considered how to create a world-class mindset and how that can transform you, your organisation and our profession.

In a competitive, globalised and connected world, the challenge to set new standards of achievement grows exponentially. How do we go beyond good practice, beyond best practice and all the way to world class when delivering change?

Watch the excellent talk by Isabel Dedring on the role of politics in project management for free on The PM Channel

Isabel Dedring

Watch Isabel Dedring speak about the role of politics in project management

The speakers recorded on video at the APM Project Management Conference 2016 included:

Stream one: Individual
An Introduction to Conversational Leadership by David Gurteen (Gurteen Knowledge)

Learning and Leadership: the foundations of successful transformation by Ann Alder and Geoff Cox (RSVP Design Ltd)

Conducting the Project Team: the lessons that project managers can learn from great musical conductors by Andy Cooke (PA Consulting)

Values and Elite Performance by Rob Coulthard (Judgement Index UK Ltd)

Stream two: Profession
Project and Programme Management, a profession at the heart of the London and national economies? by Michael Flynn (Transport for London)

What is the role of politics in project management? by Isabel Dedring (Arup)

Stream three: Organisation
World Class Programme and Project Management – Are We There Yet? by Steve Elliott  (HydroFormer Project Management Services)

A World-Class Mindset by Richard Palczynski (Crossrail)

Tfl Knowledge management journey – learning to be world-class by Liz Hobbs (Transport for London)

Closing keynote speaker:
The IPA: The future for government projects and programmes by Tony Meggs ( Infrastructure and Projects Authority)

APM Risk SIG Conference – videos available now!

David Hillson video

Watch David Hillson speaking at the APM Risk Management SIG Conference

The PM Channel were pleased to be invited by the APM to film this one-day event held by the Risk SIG.  Ken Evans, SIG chair, welcomed everyone to this conference and emphasised that this was part of the Risk SIG’s on-going commitment to bring together thought leaders, experts, practitioners and Risk SIG members to share the latest insights into risk management, from high level approaches to practical applications.

100 delegates attended the conference. They listened to presentations by six invited speakers on QRA, discussed risk tool software with nine of the leading vendors in the field and, of course, networked with other delegates, speakers, vendors and SIG committee members. At the end of each presentation, questions were invited and at the end of the last presentation, all the speakers together provided a further opportunity for delegates to ask more questions.

The conference had an international dimension with speakers, delegates and vendors from Europe, Africa and the USA. A special thanks goes to those who made the journey to London from beyond the UK shores. David Hillson is an award-winning thought-leader and expert practitioner who speaks and writes widely on risk management, with ten major books on the topic.

Watch David talking about ‘How Risky is Your Project?’. As a reminder for the delegates, here is a list of the speakers and the title of their presentation.

  • Dr David Hillson – How Risky is Your Project and How do You Know?
  • Mr Egan Naidoo – Lessons Learned in Implementing a QRA Capability – An African Perspective
  • Ms Val Jonas – QRA Throughout the Project Lifecycle
  • Mr Roger Garrini – Quantitative Risk Analysis in Industry
  • Mr Simon White – User-Friendly Risk Management
  • Dr David Hulett – Unknowns, Systemic Risks and Risk Prioritization in Schedule Risk Analysis

APM Project Management Conference 2015

On the 19th March the APM Project Management Conference 2015 took place.

Project management in real life is rarely the same as project management in the text books. This has created great myths in our profession that cloud both our perception and decision making.

The APM Project Management Conference 2015 focused on dispelling these myths by uncovering the evidence that will increase the likelihood of you successfully delivering your projects, programmes and portfolios.

The PM Channel attended and are happy to bring you videos from the following speakers:

Mary McKinlay gives her opening remarks as chair of the APM Conference 2015. Click here for this video –

Mary McKinlay

Kate Rooke and Andy Cooke are management consultants at PA Consulting. Kate and Andy look at the project manager/ engineer relationship and focussing on how they can move from a good, to a really great delivery performance through better understanding and using a more unified approach. Click here for this video –

Kate Rooke & Andy Cooke

Martin Monoghan has been with DHL Supply Chain for eight years having joined on the DHL Graduate Management Programme after graduating with a BSc in Psychology. Can we wait for our next generation of project managers to become subject matter experts in supply chain? Martin looks at what core competencies and skills make a diverse and effective project manager. Click here for this video –

Martin Monoghan

Cliff Jones, a member of the senior management team within the ProCure21+ team at the Dept of Health. Cliff demonstrates how contracts that reflect best project management practice are an essential element to ensure the delivery of successful outcomes on any construction project. Click here for this video –

Cliff Jones

Geraldine Barker, director at the National Audit Office, is responsible for leading the development of the NAO’s approach to auditing major projects and programmes throughout government. Bridget Jackson. audit manager at the National Audit Office, is an experienced value for money auditor in the review of major government programmes and contracts. Geraldine and Bridget outline lessons learned that the NAO have identified over the course of auditing five major rail infrastructure programmes. They will look at what some of the barriers are that are familiar to many project managers. Click here for this video –

Geraldine Barker & Bridget Jackson

Dr David Pendleton, co-founder of Edgecumbe Group, has been consulting in occupational psychology for over 20 years since completing his doctorate at Oxford. He works throughout the world with clients in a wide range of organisations. Most of his work is in top team development and leadership development. David discusses how unlikely it is that any leader will be world-class in all aspects of leadership and consider a new way of thinking about leadership that places emphasis on teams of leaders who are complete together. Click here for this video –

Dr David Pendleton

Manon Bradley is the development director for the Major Projects Association (MPA), a membership association for organisations engaged in the delivery and the development of major projects, programmes and portfolios. Manon outlines the evidence of why diversity can improve the outcome of your project and will then explore why single sex teams are so prevalent. Her presentation will challenge typically held beliefs about gender balance in the workplace. Click here for this video –

Manon Bradley

John Pelton MBE, programme partner director at Crossrail and Director of the Programme Partner Transcend, a JV between CH2M HILL, AECOM and Nichols. As such he is the lead for the innovation programme, specific complex projects and heading up the programme partner JV. Focussing on innovation in infrastructure projects and programmes, John considers some of the characteristics, benefits and lessons learned from the Crossrail experience and how the industry might consider innovation in the future. Click here for this video –

John Pelton

Matthew Syed is currently a columnist and feature writer for The Times. He has won numerous prizes for his writing including Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards and Sports Feature Writer of the Year at the Sports Journalist Association Awards. Click here for this video –

Matthew Syed


Behind the scenes at PMI Synergy livestream


PMI Synergy was The PM Channel‘s first livestream and we are happy with our success, with 8 hours of high quality content and zero technical problems, we have decided to release a celebratory video! This videos takes you behind the scenes with us to describe the reason progressing to livestreaming is so important and the different features the livestream offered.

APM Video Magazine (Eighth Edition) is released!

logoAPMThe PM Channel have paired up again with APM to offer this year’s first edition of the APM Video Magazine, the theme for this edition is Communication. We have drawn talks from speakers across the last year’s conferences to give a wide and varied view of the importance of communication when it comes to running projects.

The variety of videos explore communication through different perspectives and approaches from Bruno Kahne’s lessons learnt from the deaf world to Alan Barnard’s unique perspective as a political campaigner. The videos are drawn from APM’s own conferences and other Project Management conferences that have occurred over the last year.

To watch the videos go to the APM website here:

To read APM’s release and summary go here: :

To find our summaries of the videos please click on the links below:

Bruno Kahne – Deaf-Tips, Powerful Communication

Roy Sheppard – How to be upbeat in a downbeat world

Alan Barnard – Campaign it!

The PM Channel’s first podcasts!


The PM Channel’s next step is podcasting, from now on The PM Channel will be offering a new free podcast every month drawn from our back catalog of content.

To celebrate our first attempt at podcasting we are offering three free this month to download and for further updates on future podcasts please keep an eye on our twitter @ThePMChannel and keep an eye out for our bimonthly newsletter.

This month’s podcasts are the following:

*slides are not included in the podcast, to see the slides please watch the original videos.*

Nick Field  Our very own MD Andrew Delo interviewed Nick Field in 2012 on his ideas, his recommendations and the challenges he has experienced in leadership.

Nick Field has over 30 years experience within the construction industry. He is a chartered civil engineer by background and he has specialised in project, programme and construction management for the past 20 years. Nick has held directorships within leading contractors, engineering consultants and project management consultancies and has international business experience.

To listen to or download the podcast go here or to watch the original video go here.

Ken Livingstone – In 2011 Ken Livingstone spoke at PMI Synergy, we have his talk in full here!

In 2004 Livingstone was elected Mayor of London and held that position until 2008. His Acts as Mayor included modernising the public transport system, advocating Oyster card use, introducing congestion charges, standing for environmental policies and many other ventures that have made London the place it is today.

To listen to or download the podcast go here or to watch the original video go here.

Louise Hardy – Also speaking at PMI Synergy in 2011, Louise was Olympic Park Infrastructure Director for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Louise had been working on the integration and management of the 2012 programme of design and construction work for over 5 years. She explains the engineering and project management challenges she faced in the grueling process of making the 2012 games a success.

To listen to or download the podcast go here or to watch the original video go here.

Bruno Kahne – Deaf-Tips, Powerful Communication

BrunokahneBruno leads a team of consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches who are experts in Human Performance. Before joining AirBusiness Academy, he worked as an auditor, trainer and consultant in leadership, management, self-development, communication and change management, for companies specialised in fields as varied as the nuclear, supermarket, food, and construction industry.

Bruno holds an M.A. from the Université de Mons in Belgium and completed his PhD in Sociology from the University of Exeter.

A year ago Bruno spoke to a deaf person for the first time, as a communication coach and long term enthusiast Bruno was unprepared for how much of an impact this would have on him and how much the deaf world can teach the hearing about communication.

“In this world that is getting more and more complex we have a tendency to complexify everything, I believe we should be doing exactly the opposite.” Deaf people communicate in a language that is effective and despite the complexity of concepts they can communicate the language itself is simple and direct. Bruno emphasises several areas where the hearing world need to look at the way the deaf communicate and copy their behaviours.


– Look in the eyes

– Put yourselves in the other’s shoes

– Be simple and precise simultaneously

– Don’t say don’t

– Ask questions


Kahne uses emotive and strong examples of the way deaf people interact with each other and the world around them and the way the hearing world can learn from them.

“Deaf people can be seen in two different ways, either as people who have lost something – hearing – or as people who have gained something – the ability to communicate without sound.”

In the first case, Hearing people will express at best compassion, which will be perceived as offensive. In the second case, pity will be replaced by curiosity, respect for the difference, and desire to learn communication skills which are rarely found in the Hearing world

Truly handicapped people are not those with a malfunctioning body or mind, but those who have developed habits which prevent them from connecting with others in a healthy way. And as the world is moving away from discrimination and narrow-mindedness, maybe it is time to recognize the real experts in communication and learn from them.

If you wish to purchase Bruno’s book by the same name it is available  here and the full talk is also available on The PM Channel.