APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) – How is it assessed?

APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) targets senior project managers who have managed complex projects and programmes and wish to get recognition for that on an independent basic. It will, for the first time assess, all elements of the APM 5 Dimensions of Professionalism:

• Depth of experience across 29 core competences of the 37 of the APM Competence Framework
• Breadth of knowledge across all the Body of Knowledge areas
• Achievement through qualifications and a portofolio of evidence
• Commitment through qualifications and a portofolion of evidence
• Accountability through APM membership and code of professional conduct

Pre-requisites: Candidates must be a senior professional who has managed at least one complex project in the last 8 years. They also have to completed 35 hours of CPD in the last 12 months.

The Assessment process by peer assessors comprises two stages of competences:

• Stage 1: Portofolio assessment : (50 hours to prepare)

The first stage will demonstrate the reflexion for candidates of what they done in terms of project and programme? How did they manage? Etc. Candidates portofolio will have to demonstrate capability in 29 core competences of the 37 of the APM Competence Framework.

During this first stage 2 documents need to be complete:
• Portofolio evidence application form,
• CPD Log spread sheet.

The Portofolio evidence form comprise 8 sections to complete:
1.Personnal details
2.Current employment
5.Professionals membership
6.Project track record
7.Competence statements
8.Knowledge statement for complementary competences

Section 6 and 7 will take 95% of the time.

The CPD Log spread sheet (excel file) for the last 12 months will be provided by APM.
After completing these 2 document, they will be assessed by a qualified RPP assessor who will check that the content meets the RPP standard.
If successful, the candidate will be invited to a Professional Review (Stage 2). If unsuccessful, you will receive a report with feedback confirming gaps you need to consider.

• Stage 2: Professional Review (45 minutes interview)

After the first stage you will be invited to a professional review with two assessors. The review, is in an interview format,it will typically take around 45 minutes including a 10 minutes candidate presentation at the start.

What is required to maintain RPP designation status?

Once an individual has successfully achieved the designation of APM RPP throughout the two-stage assessment process, then in order to maintain the RPP designation the individual is then required to maintain continuing professional development (CPD) of at least 35 hours of relevant formal and informal professional development every year and adhere to the APM Code of Professional Conduct through APM membership. As a committed project management professional, each individual is responsible for their own CPD activities in terms of both forming a plan and then maintaining a log completed CPD. APM will audit CPD at their discretion.

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