Alan Harpham – Spirituality in Project Management


Alan Harpham describes what he means by spirituality and explores why this is important in projects and how it can be developed.

Alan Harpham is Chairman of the APM Group with a portfolio of pro-bono interests. He is a former director of P5 – the Power of Projects and was managing director of Nichols Associates and was the director and taught on the MSc in Project Management at Cranfield University. Before that Alan was a civil engineer with John Laing. He is a former Council member of the APM. He has written about programme and project management and spirituality in the workplace and is looking to combine these two topics. He has written a book – The Spirit of Project Management, co-authored by Dr Judi Neal of the University of Arkansas, director of the Center for Faith and Spirit at Work. Alan was the first chair of MODEM and is presently chair of Workplace Matters (in Herts and Beds).

Watch Alan interview on The PM Channel here, aslo available on the Development Package.

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