The 26th IPMA World Congress is now available on The PM Channel

We are pleased to announce that the 26th IPMA World Congress  is available on The PM Channel.

Get access to selected presentations of one of the major project community events for only 99 Euros for a year. 

This subscription gives you access to 50 videos with synchronized slides of this event.

Watch some of the most influential figures in Project Managers around the world, present at the 26th IPMA World Congress such as:

  • Dr Martin Barnes,Past President of the Association of Project Management (APM), UK.
  • Dr Crawford Lynn, Professor of Project Management at Bond University, Australia.
  • Dr Grau Nino, IPMA Vice President, Germany.
  • Michel Ledun and Pierre Parent, Programme Directors  in Thales, France.
  • Prof Hirochi Tanaka, Past President of Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ), Japan.

To register, please contact Nadege on +441635 524610 or by email:  


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