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Project Controls Expo 2012 highlights

Project Control Expo was hold this year on the 31 Oct 2012 at the Twickenham Stadium.

21 speakers separated on three session were present and The PM Channel recorded 7 selected talks during this event. Find the details of the 7 presentations recorded by The PM Channel below:

Carl Dalton Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

Carl Dalton, Senior Partner and Director at Polaris Consulting talked about The need to undertake Cost Estimating in support of decision making is recognized and is becoming even more important when funding is tight. It is important to understand ‘what things might cost’. Budgets can be set, resources allocated and target set once you have a good indication of a projects likely overall cost. This can be taken further by evaluating alternative designs, procurement options, operating regimes and support concepts so the whole life aspects can be considered. It is important to conduct Cost Estimating early in a project before costs are committed and when there is still time to influence the overall project cost. It is a not a one-off exercise and the project estimate should be iterated and updated on a regular basis and once the project has started in earnest, an ‘estimate-to-complete’ should be conducted on a similar basis.This presentation; Producing a Quality Cost Estimate; build on the last year’s presentation and provide hints, tips and ‘best-practice’ to help ensure a good quality estimate is generated. Carl has over 30 years of experience in providing management and technical consultancy to governments and industry. Carl has worked for a variety of government organisations and leading contractors in Europe, North America, the Far East and Australia. He specialises in Cost Analysis and Project Risk Management; generally on large complex programmes. These include large aircraft and ship programmes, military and non-military land vehicles, complex weapons, other transportation systems, software intensive programmes, personnel and commodities. He is experienced in utilising commercial available cost and risk management products and tools as well as developing bespoke solutions.

Paul Lomas Clark Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

Paul Lomas-Clarke, Executive Director at Knowles (Part of Hill International Group). Paul sees many good claims and some bad ones. From his knowledge and experience he explains the background on how a decision is reached and the detail which should be included in submissions and documentation which are likely to affect whether a decision is favorable. Paul concentrates his presentation on the facts and figures need (and not needed) which will go to help or hinder a claimant or defendant to a claim.
Paul Lomas-Clarke is an Executive Director of Knowles and has worked in the construction industry on dispute resolution issues for nearly 40 years. He has been employed on preparing, defending and negotiating claims on a wide range of projects including oil refineries, nuclear power stations, motorway upgrades, shopping centres, multi-storey office complexes, and a range of social housing projects. He has experience of, and has reviewed, a wide range of contracts and sub-contracts including standard forms and non-standard forms. He is on the panel of a number of Adjudicator Nominating Bodies and practices regularly as an Adjudicator as well as being an accredited Mediator (with CEDR) and Arbitrator. He lectures extensively to trade associations and professional groups on various aspects of construction law and delivers Knowles in-house training syllabus.

Paul Wood Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

Paul is the Capability Lead for Investment Analysis in BMT HiQ Sigma. He has many years of experience in the provision of impartial cost management services that deliver robust, soundly based programme cost estimates at all stages of the procurement lifecycle. Paul is also a member of the committee for the Society of Cost Analysis and Forecasting (SCAF). Prior to joining BMT Hi-Q Sigma, Paul enjoyed a very successful 20 year career with the UK Ministry of Defence. In the final eight years of Paul’s MOD career he specialised in Cost Forecasting, Risk Management and Estimating Assurance whilst working in the Cost Assurance and Analysis Service (CAAS) organisation. Paul is the Capability Lead for Investment Analysis in BMT HiQ Sigma. He has many years of experience in the provision of impartial cost management services that deliver robust, soundly based programme cost estimates at all stages of the procurement lifecycle. Paul is also a member of the committee for the Society of Cost Analysis and Forecasting (SCAF). Prior to joining BMT Hi-Q Sigma, Paul enjoyed a very successful 20 year career with the UK Ministry of Defence. In the final eight years of Paul’s MOD career he specialised in Cost Forecasting, Risk Management and Estimating Assurance whilst working in the Cost Assurance and Analysis Service (CAAS) organisation.

Ewen Maclean Project Controls Expo on The PM ChannelIn this presentation Ewen will be addressing a selection of the methodologies used in examining delay and disruption on construction projects such as planned versus as-built, impacted as-planned, collapsed as-built and time impact analysis incorporating windows analysis and tying these all back to project controls. – TBCEwen is an experienced and renowned expert in the field of programming; delay and disruption; and associated prolongation costs in relation to construction and engineering projects. In particular, he has worked for both international consultants and contractors and has first-hand experience of assisting and representing clients in litigation, arbitration, mediation and adjudication, both for the claimant and respondent. He has prepared numerous expert witness reports; drafted standard forms of contract and lectured on various commercial and contractual subjects within the construction industry. Ewen has also acted in commercial negotiations and settlements, resolving potential disputes as well as providing advice on contract procurement. Ewen is well versed in many of the standard forms of construction contract including the NEC, JCT, ICE, GC Works Conditions as well as bespoke forms of contracts including PFI contracts and has worked on contracts that span, inter alia, major building, civil engineering, oil and gas, mechanical and electrical, pharmaceutical, infrastructure including highways and rail as well as fit-out works.”

Martin Gregory Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

A presentation focused on the importance of developing rational risk models when calculating and defending cost/schedule contingency. The presentation will highlight the weaknesses inherent in a number of common practices, and provide a series of tips for improving your approach to
developing a price or baseline.High performing and personable management Consultant with exceptional knowledge and experience of the MOD and its acquisition processes, project management, risk management, through life investment assurance, planning and scheduling. I specialise is risk management and have a proven track record in helping clients to radically improve their approach to risk management through the implementation of risk improvement programmes at project and enterprise level.

Guy Hindley Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

All generic project management courses cover the importance of planning and scheduling and take the attendee through a basic critical path analysis process. Many vendors out there are ready and willing to sell you their latest and best computerised planning tool which if you would believe it will plan for you in a most effective manner. Some tools if you believe the hype will even deliver the project as you sit back in awe at the power of these modern computerised marvels. This presentation delivered by Guy Hindley takes an alternative view of planning and concentrates more on the people experiences of planning. With many years of experience of actually doing the job this presentation will covers Guy’s hints and tips and will hopefully provide food for thought for all attendees. Guy has been involved in planning, scheduling and risk analysis for many years. He is an experienced and highly committed planning and schedule risk analysis subject matter expert with BAE Systems. Guy has worked across a wide range of Projects for BAE Systems in the UK and abroad, although always based in the UK. The spread of project includes, but is by no means limited to fast jets, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, land based reconnaissance systems, automated manufacturing systems through to marble veneering. Guy is also an experienced Project Controls trainer, including the vital discipline of training needs analysis. Over the years Guy has also coached many in the nuances of this vital discipline. Guy is an active member of the APM Planning, Monitoring and Control Special Interest Group. He is currently serves on the BSI Project Management work group as one of the 2 APM representatives.

Nick Brown Project Controls Expo on The PM Channel

Nick Brown is a Senior Principal Consultant with ARES Software UK Limited, a subsidiary of ARES Corporation. For more than 20 years, ARES has helped owners and contractors effectively manage and control capital projects. ARES is a $150M company with 850 employees around the world. Clients include Crossrail, ADAC, NNL and NASA.

Is the APM Introductory Certificate suitable for you?

The APM Introductory Certificate project management qualification gives you broad knowledge of project management focused on definition of key terms.

Compared to PRINCE2 Foundation qualification, the APM Introductory Certificate project management qualification requires less study time (about two-thirds that of PRINCE2 Foundation), covers a broader range of project management topics and is pitched at about the same level of difficulty.

It is great for people who are about to be a team member on a significant project, or who are needing to be a work-package manager on a project, or who are needing to manage their own small departmental project.

If you want to hear more, please watch Neil Mooney explaining the APM Introductory Certificate in a couple of minutes on The PM Channel.

This qualification has no pre-requisites and people from a wide range of different backgrounds successfully have achieved the APM Introductory Certificate. They have had backgrounds such as personal assistant, marketing consultant, finance administrator and engineering technician.

However generally, most people who choose the APM Introductory Certificate have had some exposure to projects and project management in their jobs.

The syllabus for the qualification covers a broad range of topics from the APM Body of Knowledge and most of the 60 questions in the one hour multiple choice examination are based on correct definition of key terms in project management.

Topics covered include:

• Project Management
• Programme and Portfolio Management
• Project Success and Benefits Management
• Project Context and Stakeholder Management
• Project Life Cycles & Project Reviews
• Business Case
• Project Sponsorship & Organisational Roles
• Project Management Plan (PMP) and Reporting
• Scope Management
• Scheduling
• Estimating
• Risk Management
• Project Quality Management
• Change Control and Issue Management
• Configuration Management
• Procurement
• Communication
• Teamwork and Leadership

However, the depth of study is limited to mainly definitions and so the learning objectives for scheduling for example are:

• Define scheduling
• Define total float and the term critical path
• Define Gantt (bar) chart
• Define baseline
• Define milestone

Most classroom courses are two-days in duration and require little or no pre-course study. The one hour examination is taken at the end of the second day.  On line self study courses are also available.

A new on demand video project management training course for the APM Introductory Certificate is available on The PM Channel.



PMI Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The PM Channel is pleased to be partnering with PMI UK Chapter to record selected events such PMI Synergy.

Watch the speakers’ presentations from PMI Synergy 2012 and claim your PDUs. Accelerate your professional development by watching these experts:

• Lord Digby Jones, Chairman Triumph and Grove Industries,

• Dame Tessa Jowell, member of Shadow Cabinet,

• Thomas Juli, Managing Director Thomas Juli Empowerment Partners,

• Joe Onstott, Project Controls ITER Fusion

 PMI Synergy 2012


Courses – Presentations – Interviews

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The 26th IPMA World Congress and Project Controls Expo 2012 are coming soon in this package!


First PMI Branch meeting in Oxford

On the 22nd November PMI UK Chapter organized their first PMI branch meeting in Oxford with three speakers, Dr David Hillson, Dr Penny Pullen and Martin Buckland.

David Hillson - The Risk Doctor PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel

The first talk was presented by Dr David Hillson, Director, Risk Doctor & Partners. Everyone knows projects are risky, and project risk management is our attempt to address this. There is wide consensus on project risk management basics, but the continued failure of projects to deliver consistent benefits suggests that the problem of risk in projects has not been completely solved. In this keynote presentation, David Hillson offers three suggestions for how we might do things differently and better, by extending our concept of risk, addressing weak spots in the risk process, and dealing with risk attitudes of both individuals and groups.
Known globally as The Risk Doctor, Dr David Hillson is an international risk consultant offering expert risk support across the globe, at both strategic and tactical levels. He has worked in over 40 countries and his consultancy clients include major organisations in construction, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transport, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, IT, defence and government. David also leads the team at Risk Doctor & Partners, based on his worldwide network with like-minded professional risk experts.

After that, Dr Penny Pullan talked about Facilitation skills underpin most project work. These Penny Pullan - PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel become even more important at senior levels, as the pressure rises and expectations are higher. This presentation explored the issues of working with high pressure groups. It goes on to explore a few techniques and behaviours that project managers can use to equip themselves for such groups. This session drew both from facilitation theory and the personal experience of the presenter, who has worked across the globe, with, among others, directors of major multinational companies, United Nations organisations and government ministers. Dr Penny Pullan works with people in organisations who are grappling with tricky projects: uncertain, with ambiguous requirements, disinterested stakeholders and often teams dispersed around the country or the world. She is a Director of Making Projects Work Ltd. whose clients range from Rolls-Royce to Save the Children, the UK Government to Price Waterhouse Coopers. Penny’s book, ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’, was published by Gower in 2011 and co-authored with Ruth Murray-Webster.

Martin Buckland -PMI Branch Meeting on The PM Channel To finish Martin Buckland who is not a professional project manager, but has some good tips to share with us from his interesting experience supervising a project for the Wilts & Berks (W&B) Canal Trust in Abingdon.
Previously, Martin’s career has been in agriculture, as a school and adult careers advisor, as a bookkeeper and, lastly, a fundraiser. He also has a lifelong interest in Industrial Archaeology. Through his fundraising work, Martin became involved with the W&B Canal Trust, as a member of their finance committee. He initially wrote a bid to fund a brand new junction with the Thames at Abingdon to replace the original. After subsequently dealing with the fundraising, and obtaining the numerous permissions and permits, he was nominated as project manager for a construction project. He then spent seven weeks on site working with professional groundwork contractors and supervising the efforts of three, week-long camps of Waterway Recovery Group volunteers. (And driving a 12 tonne dumper truck!)

Watch all this presentation of the branch meeting on The PM Channel.


PMI Synergy 2012 highlights

PMI UK Chapter Synergy was held on International Project Management Day in London on 1 November 2012. The speakers included a great line up and The PM Channel was there to capture it all. The Princess Royal was guest of honour and the speakers included Mark Langley, Lord Digby Jones, Dame Tessa Jowell, Simon Robertson, Gier O.Klover, Dr Thomas Juli, Joe Onstott. Watch a short show reel here.

Mark A. Langley Synergy 2012
A welcome address was given by the president and CEO of PMI, Mark A. Langley. He became PMI’s President and CEO in December 2010 after serving over eight years as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In the chief executive role, Mr. Langley is responsible for overseeing and serving as the lead advocate for PMI’s complex global organization, consisting of more than half a million members, certification holders and other stakeholders in more than 185 countries.

Lord Digby Jones on The PM Channel After introductions by Roy Sheppard, Lord Digby Jones gave the first talk. Lord Digby Jones is a powerhouse leader for British Industry. In addition to this role as an active cross bencher in the House of Lords, he serves as Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles Limited, Chairman of Groves Industries, a non-executive director of Flybe, Senior Advisor to HSBC and is Corporate Ambassador for Jaguar Cars and JCB. He advises in a number of other paid and unpaid roles, fulfilling his vision of promoting socially inclusive wealth creation. He is a supporter of better education, “After 11 years of compulsory, free, full–time education why are 20% of the adult population in the UK functionally illiterate?” and we hope he will support our campaign for Project Management Education in Schools.

Dame Tessa Jowell Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The second talk of the day was Dame Tessa Jowell who
is a prominent member of the Shadow Cabinet and has sat on the Front Beach on both sides of the House. She has been a strong leader and influencer for the 2012 Olympics and is currently Shadow Minister for London. Tessa touched on bringing people with you, uniting different factions toward one goal, the challenges of bringing together a large event, the regeneration of east London, the importance of legacy, and social enterprise.

After that Simon Roberston spoke about his Initiative of Project Management in Schools will The Mill Chase Schools Project. And we finish the morning session with Geir O.Klover who is the Managing Director of the Norwegian Polar Museum, where his knowledge and expertise on the expedition is second to none. He took us through the planning, risks, leadership and team dynamic that is took for Amundsen and his team to make history on their South Pole Expedition.

Thomas Juli Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel

The afternoon started with Dr Thomas Juli who is an experienced, enthusiastic and results-driven manager. His life’s passion is to empower people and organizations. This is reflected in his professional
career in management, consulting and training. He has more than 15 years of progressive leadership and management experience in various functions including project and programm management, strategy consulting, business analysis, professional training, and academic teaching. He took us through how achieving a work life balance.
Joe Onstott ITER Synergy 2012 on The PM Channel
After that Joe Onstott talked to us about ITER which is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion. The Q in the formula on the right symbolizes the ration of fusion power to input power. Q ≥ 10 represents the scientific goal of the ITER project: to deliver ten times the power it consumes. From 50MW of input power, the ITER machine is designed to produce 500 MW of fusion power – the first of all fusion experiments to produce net energy. During its operational lifetime, ITER will test technologies necessary for the next step: the demonstration fusion power plant that will prove that it is possible to capture fusion energy for commercial use.

The Comedy School Synergy 2012

We finished the day with Brain Weiss, Vice President Practitioner Markets PMI. And the day finished with the improvisation team from the Comedy School.

Three Project Management Events recorded last week!

The PM Channel recorded three leading project management events last week:


IPMA World Congress





Project Controls Expo 





PMI Synergy 2012



Increase your professional development by watching the experts including:
• Lord Digby Jones
• Dame Tessa Jowell
• Dr Martin Barnes, President of APM
• Professor Lynn Crawford, Bond University, Australia
• David Birch, ODA at CH2M Hill
• Dr Paul Wood, BMT HQ Sigma

Courses – Presentations – Interviews

Watch the first keynote presentation from project management events to become available:

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